Benefits of BCAA Supplements for Gaining Muscle Mass

Benefits of BCAA Supplements for Gaining Muscle Mass

Here’s the low-down on building muscle with BCAA supplements

Most people instinctively know what a muscle is; it is ingrained in our natural understanding of the human body. Few people understand the importance and full significance of the muscle tissue. Today we’ll be looking at the key benefits of BCAA supplements for gaining muscle mass.

Muscle cells are made up of protein filaments of actin and myosin that slide past one another and provide it with its contractive abilities.

Through contraction a muscle produces force, and through this process, it can change and maintain posture, begin locomotion, and even regulate the movement of internal organs such as the heart and digestive system.

benefits bcaa supplements muscle mass

The human body possesses three types of muscle:

  1. Cardiac muscle is found only in the heart, and its movement is involuntary.
  2. Smooth muscle which is found in the structures of internal organs and its movement is also involuntary.
  3. Skeletal muscle is attached through tendons and ligaments to bone hence its name. Skeletal muscle reacts to conscious control and is what most people will think of when asked to imagine a muscle. When we decide to increase muscle mass, we are choosing to increase the size and strength of skeletal muscles.

Before we delve into the effects and benefits of BCAA supplementation in relation to increases in muscle mass we should first gain an understanding of how muscle tissue is created and the processes through which it is maintained.

Muscle tissue is created through a process called Myogenesis.

Myogenesis consists of the formation of myotubes, which are multi-nucleated striated fibres.

These fibre tubes are formed during embryonic development through processes involving Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF.

Then, later in life through the activation of specific gene pathways such as Myocyte Enhancer Factors or MEFs, Serum Response Factor or SRF and Myogenic Regulatory Factors or MRF.

Once the fibre tubes have been established, they are powered chiefly by fat and carbohydrate oxidation. Plus anaerobic chemical reactions that yield Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP molecules that are used as fuel to power the movement of the myocytes.

A creatine phosphate energy store is synthesised from ATP and creatine kinase.

For more exhaustive contractions muscle fibres use glycogen, a form of glucose, to quickly supply the much-needed energy requirements.

Complex nature of muscle growth and maintenance

As you can see, the processes involved in muscle growth and maintenance are complex and rely on a multiplicity of chemical reactions and protein syntheses.

Since building muscle mass and cutting down fat is a huge task, the team of experts at MuscleSport designed a carefully balanced bcaa supplements muscle massformula of vitamins and minerals, myocyte proliferation factors, free testosterone boosters, thermogenic compounds and androgen regulators to ensure that you can more easily build muscle AND lose fat at the same time.

If increased muscle mass and lower body fat percentages are what you are after, you cannot go wrong with MuscleSport.

Now that we have a better understanding of what muscles are, how they are formed and how they are powered up we can begin to look into how to increase our muscle mass.

How to increase your muscle mass

Building up your muscle mass offers a plethora of benefits.

Not only will you look better and feel better you will also primarily be a better version of yourself.

As you increase your muscle mass, you are increasing the rate at which your metabolism burns calories, and as you become a more efficient calorie burning engine, you will start to lose weight even when at rest.

Another obvious benefit of increasing your muscle mass gains is, of course, increased strength which will lead you to live a more active lifestyle and be better prepared to tackle whatever life may throw at you.

With increased strength, you also gain a better support system for your joints and ligaments, and so you become less prone to injury.

And last but certainly not least the general quality of your life will markedly improve as you gain muscle mass.

Your appearance, self-esteem, and even your sex life will reap the benefits.

BCAA supplements for gaining muscle mass

Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements are essential to achieving these goals.

Recent studies suggest that BCAAs not only stimulate the growth of muscle tissue, they also establish an anabolic environment in our bodies while at the same time inhibiting catabolic states.

When our bodies enter this anabolic phase, BCAAs can better supply muscle tissues with energy, enable the accelerated burning of fats and at the same time boost tissue regeneration.

Strength training and cardio exercises will naturally steer our organisms towards a catabolic stage of tissue breakdown, so it is essential that we maintain regular BCAA supplementation. Leucine, for example, will provide your growing muscles with energy more efficiently than glucose which will enable you to train harder and longer.

Do BCAAs trick your body?

BCAAs also can sort of trick your body into thinking you have consumed high-calorie value foods and so spark up active metabolic processes that will more efficiently burn fat.

Additionally, BCAAs normalize blood insulin levels, which have a direct and aggressive effect on HGH secretion and synthesis of leptin which suppresses appetite.

All of these factors combined, Branched Chain Amino Acid supplements will ensure your muscle mass gain is clean and lean.

Increasing your muscle mass and gaining all these benefits is hard work. To get big, you have to train hard; but you can substantially improve your gains and reduce pains by including BCAA supplementation as part of your workout program.

Best BCAA supplements for gaining muscle mass

And if you want to take your muscle increases to the next level we recommend you further supplement your BCAA intake by adding MUSCLESPORT ALPHASRM MUSCLE BUILDER.

Building and keeping a healthy muscle mass is a complicated process, but the folks at MuscleSport designed a carefully balanced formula of vitamins and minerals, myocyte proliferation factors, free testosterone boosters, thermogenic compounds and androgen regulators to ensure that you more easily build muscle AND lose fat at the same time.


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