5 of the Best Exercises Teen Bodybuilders Must Do

5 of the Best Exercises Teen Bodybuilders Must Do

Strength training or resistance training is a habitual component of sports and physical education programs geared towards teenagers across the world. But often the exercises and ideas are generic. Today we are going to take a look at 5 of the best exercises teen bodybuilders must do to get to the next level.

Some teenagers can use strength and resistance training as a means to further develop and improve muscular definition and overall health and physical appearance.

Besides the obvious health benefits, weight training can be used to enhance sports performance. Also, it can prevent and rehabilitate an injury. When applied with the right frequency, intensity and duration, weight training can significantly increase power and strength in teenagers.

Myths of teenage bodybuilding

Many teenagers that are thinking of starting down the path of strength training to become bodybuilders eventually have a lot of fear due to the various myths and half-truths that are so commonly spread.

Today we will attempt to clear away any doubts and answer any questions you might have as a potential teenage bodybuilder.

We will even give you the top 5 exercises teen bodybuilders must do.

Will weight training stunt my growth?

One of the most commonly spread misconceptions about bodybuilding as a teenager is weight training at a young age will stunt growth and this is entirely false.

Weight training itself will not adversely affect the natural growth process that occurs in the human body during the adolescent years.

Because teenagers undergo such a rapid and explosive period of growth, the body requires large amounts of energy so if you start a bodybuilding program that is too intense some of the energy that is needed for growth gets redirected towards handling the workouts.

You would never want to compromise your development, so we recommend when you first start out you make sure to eat enough calories to fuel both your normal growth rate and any increased muscle growth that happens as a result of your training.

It is important to start slow

Another vital factor to keep in mind is to start low. Many specialists recommend that for the first few weeks you limit your training to bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and pushups.

Once you begin to do exercises such as bench presses and squats you should do them with relatively low weights so you can make sure you have proper motions and right mechanics as this will not only help to prevent injuries it will also make your workouts more efficient.

Remember that bad habits are hard to break.

What about nutrition for teenagers?

Nutrition is vital for all types of people but especially so for teenage athletes.

Without a properly balanced diet, no amount of work and training will get you the results you want. If you eat less than you should your body will not count with the fuel it needs to boost muscle growth and maintain strength.

A teenager’s caloric requirement is pretty high and adding rigorous and intense training routines will only elevate it even more.

Stick to sensibly balanced diets and the best supplements

We recommend you stick to balanced diets and stay away from fad diets such as low carb paleo. Your body will need the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to sustain your newly acquired muscles.

And lastly, many teenagers think that training every day is the way to go. Ample rest is crucial to successful bodybuilding.

Muscle growth is ironically induced by muscle damage, and this damage must be fully repaired before you see any gains.

Rigorous resistance training will cause tears in the fibres that make up your muscle mass, and it is through the process of healing this tiny wounds that your muscles adapt to handle future stresses by growing.

Exercise frequency for teenage bodybuilders

You should be working out at most four days a week with at least 48 hours rest between any particular muscle group workouts.

Now that we have covered intensity, nutrition, and rest let us take a look at the exercises which will give you the best return for your time in the gym.

Five best exercises for teenage bodybuilders

  1. Squat: The squat is the king of weightlifting. This classic exercise is the single most effective exercise you can do inside the gym. Squads are the type of multi-joint compound exercise that works for several different muscle groups and improves both strength and balance while at the same time activating your metabolism. A single squat will activate your glutes, quads, hamstrings, abs and many other muscle groups. Proper form is crucial, and you should at all time keep your head up, hip and shoulders back and knees bent. It is vital your knees never go beyond your toes as this can lead to a severe ligament injury.
  2. Overhead Press: A great classic exercise that will not only increase the strength of your shoulders, delts, legs, and chest; it will also fortify your stabiliser muscles so that your core becomes stable and strong. This exercise can be considered a total body movement and few others will build up your strength and power faster.
  3. Bench Press: This classic exercise is probably the most well-known and recognisable weight lift around the world. A proper bench press will work your pecs, delts, and shoulders. If you want that impressive strong look, then nothing will help you achieve it more than a big chest. Keep your elbows bent as you lower the bar and as you raise it to keep your abdominals tight.
  4. Pull-ups: one of the safest weight lift exercise, the pull-up, is no less effective in strengthening your body. As no additional weight is used, pull-ups are an excellent way to increase endurance. A proper pull up will work on your arms, shoulders and back muscle groups.
  5. Deadlift: As a teenage bodybuilder your number one goal is to gain strength, and the deadlift is the single most effective strength building exercise out there. Proper deadlift sets will work your lats, delts, back, abs, gluteus, hamstrings, calves and even your biceps and forearms. Feet need to be inside your shoulder width and arms perpendicular to the floor as you grab the bar. As you left to pull your shoulders back and always keep the bar close to your body.

So there you have the top 5 exercises for teenage bodybuilders. If you do just these five movements regularly, you will develop incredible strength in your chest, shoulders, and core.

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