Why You Can’t Grow Muscle Fast Enough

Why You Can’t Grow Muscle Fast Enough

If you have been going to the gym for a while now and are noticing you can’t grow muscle fast enough, then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is one hundred percent your fault.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so the saying goes, so do not feel bad. Often we make mistakes out of ignorance or because we think we know better when in fact we do not.

Thankfully I also have some good news; more likely than not the problem is easily identifiable, and once identified it can be fixed.

There is a wide range of factors that could be throwing a spanner in your plans to gain muscle mass, so read on as we take a look at likely reasons you are stunting your muscle growth.

To grow muscle fast, you must have a clear focus

The first factor you must consider is your focus. Building muscle mass is not an easy task by any means of the imagination, and it requires one hundred percent commitment and complete attention. If you are looking to grow your muscles, then this should be your only priority.

Do not attempt to cut down your body fat percentage at this point in the game. Cutting fat has an entirely different set of requirements than growing muscle. Nine out of ten attempts to cut at the same time you are trying to gain muscle will only sabotage both goals.

Could aerobic exercise be the hidden killer to your gains?

When people are trying to cut down fat, they almost always turn to aerobic exercise, and this is where your muscle growth gets stopped in its tracks. Aerobic exercises promote catabolic phases of metabolic function, and the principal characteristic of catabolic chemistry is the breakdown of tissue.

If you add cardio to your workout routine, your body will naturally enter a catabolic phase that will actively grind against muscle tissue growth.

Cardio will burn fat and convert it into energy, but it will also stunt the myogenesis of your muscle fibres.

Get your priorities right if you can’t grow muscle fast enough

Prioritise weight lifting over any other kind of training. You want to stimulate muscle fibres into hypertrophy, and any energy you spend running or swimming will not be used towards your goal.

Here is an extra tip to ensure proper muscle mass gains; make sure at least half of the lifts you do in the gym are compound lifts.

The best compound lifts to pack on the muscle

The bench, the squat and the deadlift. These are your friends as they will maximise the effort to gain ratio.

There is a caveat though; laser focus does not mean you don’t mix things up because if you fall into a routine your growth will stagnate.

Change things up every few weeks if you see a plateau coming up.

Calories in and calories out are critical for new muscle growth

Once you have a concrete plan set out, it is time to take a look at your caloric intake. A common mistake made by weightlifters of all ranges of experience is to overestimate the number of calories they are consuming.

The chemistry behind muscle growth is a very demanding process. When applying stress to the fibres that make up your muscles they suffer micro ruptures, and it is when these tiny wounds heal that growth occurs.

Muscle fibres adapt to the added stress by growing thicker and stronger which is what translates to bigger muscles.

This repair process requires tons of energy, and the most efficient way to provide your body with energy is by creating a caloric surplus.

You must eat a caloric surplus to grow muscle fast

A caloric surplus means at the end of the day your body will receive more calories than it needs for normal metabolic function.

The extra energy provided by the remaining calories will go directly into the myogenesis of muscle fibres. If you think you are eating enough but are not seeing results in the gym chances are you need to eat more.

The first component of your diet you need to take a closer look at is protein intake. Protein functions as energy storage, so the more protein you consume, the better.

Try to compose a diet where close to forty percent of calories come from lean proteins.

Your diet must have all the correct nutrients to grow muscle fast

Another common misconception is made when lifters think protein is the only nutrient that supports muscle growth.

All of the three macronutrients are needed. For example, carbohydrates are directly linked to insulin resistance and glycogen stores, which are in turn connected to hormonal growth factors.

Fats, for example, are required for the synthesis of testosterone, so a healthy amount of fats is also needed for efficient muscle growth.

Avoid unhealthy fats such as those seen in fried foods and nutrient deficient sources of carbohydrates such as those seen in processed flours.

Think whole grains, quinoa, beans, and plenty of fruits. It is essential to eat right after a workout as this is a critical period of energy expenditure and if you don’t eat it, your body will break down muscle tissue to convert into glycogen.

Remember to rest your body for the best gains

Last but certainly not least is the fact you must get sufficient rest. Without giving your body proper rest and time to recuperate and rebuild it will not matter a bit how well you do everything else.

Sleep enough, and you will see faster and more noticeable results, plus the added benefit of having extra energy for those intense workouts.

Also of importance is when you lack sufficient sleep cortisol production skyrockets which inhibit all of your growth hormones and thus stuns muscle growth.

Sometimes success within the gym depends more on what you do without than you might initially think. Put in the time in the gym, lift hard, and follow these tips and you will see immediate results I guarantee it.

The most recommended supplements to put on muscle fast

Finally, as always I recommend you give a solid nutritional supplement a try as this is the most surefire way to provide your body with the most essential of building blocks to ensure success. Try the following product:

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If you find you can’t grow muscle fast enough, then apply the principles above, and you will find your new results will get you on track towards your goals.

Stick with it. Keep hitting the gym, get the right nutrients into your body and get plenty of sleep. Your ability to grow muscle fast will improve dramatically. Good luck.


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