Fat Loss For Women Versus Fat Loss For Men – What Is Different?

Fat Loss For Women Versus Fat Loss For Men – What Is Different?

You may already know that fat loss for women versus fat loss for men requires a different strategy. But you may not be aware of the full difference between them. Today we are going to take a look at those differences and how you can get the best results for you.

The differences between women and men are not limited only to psychology and physiology; there are also nutritional aspects that mark a significant difference in the way their body’s metabolism reacts to training and diet.

Women and men who begin a weight loss diet at the same time will lose weight at different rates.

There are a considerable number of factors that determine how and why these differences arise. But the bottom line is that fat loss for women versus fat loss for men is most definitely different.

The divergence between the sexes when it comes to fat loss

For our female readers out there this might be a tough pill to swallow, but there are substantial reasons why this is so.

Let us take a closer look at why fat loss is so divergent between the sexes.

Lipid metabolism at its most basic level behaves equally regardless of gender. Lipid metabolism refers to the chemical synthesis and breakdown of fats within the body.

Lipid metabolism also regulates the rate at which dietary fats are absorbed. Also, the process through which these fats are then converted into energy to fuel the various metabolic processes of the body.

How women store fat versus how men store fat

Chemically speaking, both men and women digest and absorb fats in an identical manner; the core difference lays in the way the genders store fat.

Under normal circumstances, men store fat in in their upper bodies and abdominal area, while women tend to store fats in their hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Another difference between the genders is the fact that men tend to develop more visceral fat than women, and women tend to develop more subcutaneous fat than men.

Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

  • Visceral fat, or abdominal fat as it is also known, is found within the abdominal cavity surrounding the organs.
    This buildup is what causes, when present in excess, bulging bellies.
    Excess visceral fat has been linked directly to dangerous diseases such as diabetes, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular complications.
    Visceral fat reacts favourably to regular aerobic exercise.
  • Subcutaneous fat is the adipose tissue that is found underneath the skin.
    Subcutaneous fat is not considered to be related to any obesity-related illness.
    This type of fat is also part of the endocrine system and closely tied to hormonal secretion.

We can thus conclude that body fat represents a lower health risk in women than in men.

Why is this difference so apparent?

Speaking again about weight loss and reducing body fat, there is a good reason why men seem to have the advantage over women, and that is reproductive health.

Women’s bodies are built the way they are for the simple reason that women give birth.

From the moment of conception all the way to the moment of childbirth the body uses the ‘extra’ fat female bodies store to metabolically ‘pay’ for the pregnancy.

There is an evolutionary reason why women have a harder time losing weight and cutting fat.

If men were able to give birth, we would probably see very different fat distribution in their bodies.

So what can women do to burn fat more efficiently?

Here are our top 7 tips to burn fat and have fun while doing it

  1. Give weightlifting a try. Many women abstain from lifting weights for fear of becoming too masculine. However, building muscle mass is one of the most efficient methods any woman can do towards fat loss. Lean muscle mass increases your metabolism and the rate at which your body burns calories even while at rest. The more muscle mass you possess, the more fat you will naturally burn.
  2. Increase your cardio. I recommend giving high-intensity interval training a try. HIIT does more to boost your metabolism and activate fat burning than does a moderate intensity cardio workout.
  3. Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Nothing stunts fat burning more than alcohol consumption.
  4. Eat and do so frequently. Long gone are the days when starving was the acceptable way to lose weight. Studies have shown that women who eat more frequently lose weight and cut fat more efficiently than those who drastically reduce their caloric intake. The trick is boosting your metabolism.
  5. Start your day with a cup of hot black coffee. Caffeine can act as a potent nervous system stimulant that besides perking you up and giving you more energy for the day to come, will also slightly boost your metabolism.
  6. Eat fibre-rich foods. Around 25 grams of fibre are the recommended daily intake. Studies have shown over and over again that diets rich in fibre promote fat loss. Fibre-rich foods will also provide other health benefits such as improved cardiovascular performance.
  7. Take a high-quality thermogenic compound. A good quality fat burner can make you feel like you are cheating once you start feeling the kilos shed right off. There are hundreds of excellent products on the market, and I recommend something specifically designed for women.

One of the best supplements we recommend

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