6 Fitness Shortcuts for Men To Get (And Stay) In Shape

6 Fitness Shortcuts for Men To Get (And Stay) In Shape

A fitness oriented routine can be implemented and kept up much more efficiently than a more complex method geared towards muscle mass increases. Today we are going to take a look at 6 fitness shortcuts for men to get in shape and create a healthy, powerful look.

Men are more than able to get in great shape with at least three sessions of exercise per week, as long as each training routine begins with a:

  • pre-workout aerobic warm-up;
  • solid resistance training; and
  • a post-workout stretching session to cool off your tired muscles.

High-intensity exercise is likely to give you sore and cramped muscles so you should never forget to do some wind down stretching after your work out.

Good habits take a while to take hold, so if you are serious about getting in shape, it is essential that you commit fully to it and find a way to stay motivated.

Here are our top 6 fitness shortcuts all men can use to get in shape and stay there.

  1. Morning Workouts

One of the most important decisions you will make about your goal of getting in shape is to determine when you are going to work out. How you work out is important but very few people know, especially when they are just starting out, that when you work out is just as important.

Each one of us has an internal rhythm that influences blood pressure, hormone levels, and cardiac frequency. These elements all play a crucial role in our predisposition to work out and practice physical exercise.

From a metabolic and physiological standpoint, if you want to get in shape quickly then there is no better time to work out than the early morning.

Morning workouts will also help you establish a routine and allow you space for consistency since this way you can mostly avoid family or work-related obligations that might limit or stall your progress.

Morning exercise will increase hormone synthesis as well as the production of endorphins that will make you feel better and more energised for the day to come. Morning workouts are an excellent fitness shortcut.

  1. Master your Nutrition

Choosing wisely what foods to eat while you get in shape and what your diet will be like once you are in shape is a necessary step that you must take.

What we eat is key to our well-being, and there are some general eating guidelines that we must follow to get in shape. It is of the highest importance to stay hydrated all the time.

Drinking sufficient water each day is the number one step to getting in shape. Eat anywhere between five and six times per day with breakfast being the most substantial and most complete meal and dinner being the lightest. As much as possible stick to fresh whole foods.

Avoid processed additive laden products. Consume lots of lean protein. Do not skimp on vegetables and legumes as they will be an important source of micronutrients.

As far as fitness shortcuts go, nutrition will always be one of your highest priorities.

  1. Think Long Term

You must realise that getting in shape is not a sprint; you are instead running a marathon.

If you make the mistake of thinking that after a couple of months of gym time and some fad diet you will be in shape you are bound to be disappointed.

Going down this path will only net you disappointment and will most likely cause you to quit or worse. Getting in shape is akin to setting a new lifestyle.

If you want to get in shape and stay in shape the changes that you must apply to your life have to be permanent rather than temporary. Eating right and working out is now part of your daily routine for the rest of your life.

  1. Be Consistent

The key to getting in shape and staying in shape is consistency.

More often than not when you see somebody with a great body and a noticeable fitness level, you instantly assume they must work out seven days a week.

But the answer to a great body and a healthy fitness level is not how many days you spend in a gym but rather the consistency with which you work out.

It would be for nothing to work out five or seven days a week to only burn out after a couple of months because you are unable to put up with such a rhythm.

It is preferable to train three times a week maybe even as few as twice a week but be able to persevere and stay consistent.

Being consistent is less of a fitness shortcut but more of a ‘smart-cut’. A smart strategy to help you get results, fast.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Rest is as important a component of your quest to get in shape as is work. If you are not getting enough rest, your body will just not respond positively no matter the effort.

You must get at least seven hours of sleep every night. It is crucial that these are uninterrupted so avoid drinking any fluids a couple of hours before heading to bed.

Interrupting your sleep means interrupting muscle tissue reparation and nervous system regeneration.

  1. Supplement

Getting in shape is a complicated and arduous task. It requires hard work, commitment, and consistency as well as top-notch nutrition.

But these things can only get you so far. If you want to make this easier on yourself and make this whole process go by faster, then complement all your hard work with a high-quality sports supplement.

Modern-day supplements are exquisitely formulated to provide your body with all the micronutrients it will need to fuel itself. If you are looking for a fitness shortcut to getting in shape, then nutritional supplements are just what you need.

The most valid approach to getting in shape and staying in shape is to strategise your routine so that you improve your aerobic ability; strong capacity, flexibility, and body makeup, all with one workout session.

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So remember, consistency, nutrition and the right supplementation are three of the top fitness shortcuts to help you get the body you are after. But to really get results, apply all 6 fitness shortcuts and see the difference for yourself.


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