Fitness Tips For Blokes Who Want To Get Ripped

Fitness Tips For Blokes Who Want To Get Ripped

Congratulations! If you are reading this article, then you have probably decided to make a change to your lifestyle and abandon the couch. This post contains some realistic fitness tips for blokes who want to get ripped. But perhaps you’ve tried in the past, and you haven’t been able to achieve your goals.

Many of us have been through this at one time or another. When we decide to start going to the gym, it is very likely we do not know how to train without putting our bodies and wellbeing at risk.

Some of us don’t have access to the right type of solid advice and guidance needed to get where you need to go.

It is so easy to get discouraged when you are just trying to get started, but luckily for you, I am here to prevent just that. Here are some tips for those of you looking to get ripped but for some reason just can’t seem to get started:

  1. Get Yourself a Trainer

I know what you are probably thinking. You think you are a man you don’t need a trainer. Let me tell you that one of the easiest ways to getting hurt or stalling your progress is doing exercises the wrong way. And even if you have been hitting the gym since you were a teenager if you picked up the wrong technique  then there is nothing to be done about it. A trainer can teach you the correct way to do each exercise. Additionally, a certified trainer is qualified to design a routine that is custom fitted to your body and your expectations. If you are picking up your buddy’s training regime, remember that what might work for him might not necessarily be right for you. If you are looking to get started, do so on the right foot.

  1. Establish Realistic Goals:

With the help of your trainer, you need to lay down realistic goals from the get-go. If you go in expecting to win the next world bodybuilding or powerlifting competition after three months, you will be disappointed and become frustrated. Disappointment and frustration will be your biggest enemies, and nothing will get you to give up faster than those two. Your initial goals will depend on your age, physical composition, and your expectations, that is the reason you are joining the gym. If what you want is to get ripped then you should have realistic expectations as to how much work it will take and how long it will take; this is the moment when you need to establish what exercises you will be doing, how frequently and how much muscle mass you are expecting to gain. Doing this, in the beginning, will allow you to gauge your progress more accurately.

  1. Never Skip A Day

This is important because it is extremely easy to let our busy work and family schedules get in the way of a workout. Often work and family obligations seem too important to bypass over going to the gym but if you get in the habit of skipping days for whatever reason it will be incrementally easier each time, and soon you will be skipping your work out for less essential motivations. Whether you had a rough day at work, got into an argument with your significant other, whether your dog is sick or you forgot to buy the milk at the grocery store, you must not skip a single workout. Consistency is paramount if you are serious about getting real results. Getting ripped is not easy, and it takes hard work and commitment. Stay committed no matter what.

  1. Stay Hydrated

It is imperative that you stay hydrated throughout your workout. Start hydrating before you begin, keep drinking during and make sure you hydrate properly after your workout. If your workout routine lasts less than an hour and is of moderate intensity, then water is sufficient, but if your routine continues for more than an hour and is of high intensity, as it should be, then we recommend you hydrate with an electrolyte reinforced sports drink. Remember that dehydration is a cumulative process and it can have severe consequences to your health. Cramps are common but a potential loss of consciousness is not unheard of, and an electrolyte imbalance can even lead to seizures.

  1. Do Not Overdo It

Often we can let our impatience get the better of us, and this can lead us down a dangerous path.  If you are overextending and trying to lift more weight than you are ready for because you think in doing this you will see results faster what you are doing, in reality, is hurting your chances. Being impatient in the gym is a fast way to get hurt, and nothing will stunt your gains faster than a torn ligament or muscle. Stick to your routine day in and day out.

Stay on top of your nutrition and learn to recognise when pain is a symptom of overextending. If you experience chest pains, fatigue, difficulty breathing, nausea or dizziness during a workout you need to stop and take a breather and reassess what it is you are doing wrong. Pushing through these symptoms can get you in trouble.

The path to getting ripped is a hard one, and it is fraught with obstacles and impediments that can quickly derail your hard work. If you follow these five tips though I can guarantee you that you will be doing all you can to ensure that does not happen.

If you set realistic goals and work consistently and smartly, then you will begin to see results in short time. One extra tip is that you should consider including into your workout regime a nutritional supplement that can help you by furthering the efficacy of your gains.

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We have, in preparing this information, used our best endeavours to ensure that the information contained herein is true and accurate, but accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability in respect of any errors, inaccuracies or misstatements contained herein. Information guide only and any other further information should be considered by a professional.