15 Foolproof Fat Loss Tips To Maintain A Healthy Way Of Life

15 Foolproof Fat Loss Tips To Maintain A Healthy Way Of Life

Whenever the topic of body fat percentage comes up, most fitness enthusiasts will jump to give you’re their strict dietary plan. Today we are going to run through 15 Foolproof fat loss tips and provide some inspiration as to why you would want to follow them.

Attempting to adhere to these stringent diets can often lead to failure as they are not easy to maintain for prolonged periods of time.

The most efficient way to successfully lower body fat is to adopt easy-to-maintain, healthy habits as a way of life.

Follow the tips listed here, and you will achieve the healthy weight range you faster than ever before.

15 Foolproof fat loss tips to ignite your fat loss burning potential

  1. Go for a run. While all types of physical activity are great for your body, nothing is better than aerobic exercise for losing fat. Aerobic exercise is the most efficient method for overweight individuals to lose the belly or visceral fat. Visceral is directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.
  2. Lift weights. Resistance training is essentially the easiest way to increase lean muscle mass in your body. Added muscle mass will boost your body’s metabolism and thus help you burn fat more efficiently even while at rest. The more muscle you have, the faster, you will lose fat.
  3. Give HIIT a try. High-Intensity Interval Training is no longer a fad. HIIT has been shown to get rid of fat more efficiently than low-intensity continuous exercise. Some studies suggest that HIIT can help you lose fat over six times faster than regular cardio workouts. Metabolic function is also accelerated during and after HIIT so intracellular fat burning increases; this means that you burn fat during the exercise and keep burning long after you stop.
  4. Do some cardio before breakfast. If you are otherwise in good shape and health, you can try doing thirty to forty minutes of low-intensity cardio soon after waking up and before having breakfast. Overnight your glucose and insulin levels will have depleted so your primary source of metabolic energy will be fats stored throughout your tissues.
  5. Stay hydrated. The National Academy of Sports Medicine now recommends adults drink ten glasses of water a day. With all the exercise you will be doing to lose fat your body will need to replenish all the water lost in sweat. Adequate water intake is also necessary to maintain the osmotic balance, which is integral to muscle health. Water will even have the added benefit of providing a satiated sensation and help to curb your appetite.
  6. Include whole grains in your regular diet. Studies have shown that under identical caloric ingestion, people who predominantly consume whole grains will lose more fat than those who consume processed flours. Consider consumption of oats, whole wheat, brown rice, whole rye, quinoa, and sorghum.
  7. Reduce your consumption of salt. Sodium rich foods tend to also be of extremely high caloric value. Over time a diet rich in salt will lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. It is essential not to eradicate salt from your diet as sodium is essential for regulating blood pressure, nerve function and muscle health.
  8. Supplement your diet with some Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are an essential component of Beta-Oxidation; this reasonably complicated metabolic process is involved in the breakdown and conversion of fats to energy, so by ensuring a supply of these fatty acids you are in fact promoting fat loss.
  9. Track your calories. The first step to losing fat is presenting your body with a caloric deficit and forcing it to break down fat and convert it to energy. Eating healthy will often not be enough to lose fat if you end up eating more than your metabolism consumes. The MyFitnessPal app is one of the best on the market and it is free to download via the Apple or Android store.
  10. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Alcoholic beverages are empty calories. Most standard drinks are around 110-130 calories. These drinks provide no other nutritional benefit. Also, the body has to stop metabolising fat while the liver works hard to break down and excrete the alcohol compounds from the body.
  11. Drink Green Tea. Green tea is highly thermogenic and diuretic. Additionally, green tea provides a potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. For a long time now green tea has been known to possess a wide range of flavanols and catechins that boost the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms.
  12. Stay away from “Diet” or “Light” products. Although touted as a healthy alternative, often these products overcompensate any missing fats by adding tons of sugars.
  13. Give caffeine a chance. Be it through a caffeine supplement or by drinking a shot of espresso before your workouts, to activate your central nervous system and boost your performance.
  14. Sleep a full night’s sleep. Rest is such an important and often overlooked part of a successful fitness program. A healthy sleep cycle is necessary for proper hormonal function and fat metabolism.
  15. Try a high-quality thermogenic supplement. These fat burning products are an easy way to provide your body with all the necessary micronutrients and thermogenic compounds needed to push your fat burning over the edge.

What supplements do we recommend?

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In conclusion, every single one of us is different. Give each of the 15 foolproof fat loss tips a go and see which ones work for you. There will be some you love and some that don’t gel with your lifestyle or time availability.

We look forward to hearing about your fat loss goals being smashed. Go for it.


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