The Most Important Trick to Successful Fat Loss

The Most Important Trick to Successful Fat Loss

It may sound like there is one important trick to successful fat loss but the reality is there are a few keys you must understand.

Very few people in the world can say with any degree of self-assuredness that they have never struggled with body fat. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that wanting to lower our body fat percentage is a universal experience; something akin to falling in love or paying taxes.

The reason behind this struggle, and believe me when I say that it most definitely is a struggle, is because fat metabolism is a complicated physiological process and it is not well understood by the masses.

Let us take a quick look at the fat in our bodies, how it gets there, and most importantly how to lose it.

Is all fat harmful?

The first thing we must get out of the way is that a typical misconception exists amongst the general populace that ALL fat is harmful.

Not all fat is bad, and in fact, some fat is essential for good health. We can begin by thinking of fat in three distinct categories, which depending on our gender, age, genetics, and fitness level we all possess in different ratios.

Your body needs fat

Our bodies need fat for various physiological processes, this type of fat is essential for immune suppression, hormonal synthesis, and organ integrity.

Did you know that fat is necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins? Or that fat is needed for the secretion of testosterone?

Without sufficient fat, our bodies suffer. The second category of fat is also necessary for good health. This second type of fat we shall call reserve fat, and it is used by our bodies to fuel metabolic function.

What happens to the excess fat?

Beyond this point any excess fat we accrue in our bodies begins to pose health risks, and it is precisely this third category of fat that most people refer to when they speak of desired fat loss.

The amount of body fat that is required by the body to remain within a healthy threshold will vary from one individual to another, but on average we can say that it lays around three percent for males and ten percent for females.

Body fat percentages below these figures will pose serious health risks, some of which can be potentially fatal.

How does excess fat form?

Fat production and its eventual storage as excess body fat is a process that begins at the moment of ingestion.

When we ingest food and digest it, our bodies start to produce pancreatic enzymes that after a complicated process break down triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.

Once this conversion has occurred complex molecules called chylomicrons are pumped into the bloodstream where they are eventually deposited as fat in different body tissues.

Harmful and unsightly excess body fat begins to accumulate when this process exceeds the body’s metabolic rate which is what regulates the conversion of fat into energy, and therefore we can conclude that the single most important aspect in fat loss is the metabolic rate.

What happens if we have a higher metabolic rate?

The higher that the body’s metabolic rate is, the lower the percentage of fat that will end up stored in excess.

A more natural way to think about this is to do it regarding calories.

The body has a basal caloric requirement to run, so at its most fundamental state, the problem of fat loss becomes a problem of caloric intake. Fat loss boils down to whether you consume more calories than you expend.

If the answer to that statement is yes, then you will slowly be to accumulate excess body fat. If you spend more caloric energy than you consume, then you begin to lose body fat.

When it comes to calories, you must create a deficit

If you can create a caloric deficit, either by reducing your caloric consumption or by increasing your caloric expenditure, you will lose body fat. In other words, eat fewer calories while burning more calories to get the fastest results.

I recommend you stay far away from fad crash diets as they provide temporary results at best and at worst are potentially detrimental to your health. The most sensible approach is to adopt healthy habits that promote fat loss but that are going to be easy for you to maintain over long periods of time.

Time to plan a balanced diet

A balanced diet that is based on a stable macronutrient ratio and sufficient micronutrient consumption is essential.

Do not make the common mistake of artificially creating a caloric deficit by dramatically reducing your caloric intake and starving your body.

Consistency will be the key to success here. A moderate to the small caloric deficit will be much easier for you to maintain over time.

You must consider your exercise intensity

Another critical factor that determines the success rate of fat loss is exercise intensity. High-intensity exercise will be far more efficient at whittling down your body fat than moderate intensity activities even if they are of longer duration.

Not only will you lose more weight this way, but you will also become fitter over time. The frequency of exercise is also fundamental; once a week workouts will do very little towards permanently increasing your metabolic rate.

Why not have the best of both worlds and lose body fat and increase your lean muscle mass?

Finally, one of the single most effective recommendations I can give you to lose fat is to increase your lean muscle mass with a regular resistance training program.

Weight lifting will not significantly lower your body fat percentage in the short term, but in the long run, there is nothing more beneficial to that goal. Increased muscle mass will drastically increase your basal caloric expenditure as your body will require more energy to fuel muscle growth and maintenance.

Consider the following supplements for healthy fat loss

Today’s fitness nutrition market is bursting with supplemental options to enhance your fat loss efforts further.

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So as you can see, there is not one most important trick to successful fat loss but instead a few myths to break down and a couple of excellent habits you can build.

By building the right foundation, you will find your fat dropping off but more importantly, you can build lean muscle mass at the same time.

The science is in. You can do both and achieve the body of your dreams. Get started today and build the daily habits to get you there.


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