3 Powerful Intermittent Fasting Techniques

3 Powerful Intermittent Fasting Techniques

Those interested in new and exciting methods to lose weight and improve overall feelings of well-being need look no further than the latest intermittent fasting techniques.

Fasting, or the willing abstinence from food, has been used throughout human history as a means of:

  • a religious practice;
  • a political statement; and
  • medical application

But it wasn’t until the twenty-first century that it began to be applied as a nutritional method.

Intermittent fasting is the term used to describe various diets characterised for cycling periods of fasting and non-fasting.

The research behind intermittent fasting techniques

Research has suggested again and again that intermittent fasting can provide a wide range of health benefits and aid in weight loss.

Many methods have been developed over the years, so let us discuss three of the most popular ones and see if they are worth your time.

As a nutritional method, intermittent fasting can be mainly categorised into two types:

  • Whole day fasting is the most straightforward approach and consists of regularly abstaining from the ingestion of food for periods of twenty-four hours at a time.
  • Time restricted fasting is based on defining a specific amount of hours per day in which the ingestion of food is allowed.

Both approaches provide various health benefits, and there are many variations within each category.

Research into the many health benefits of intermittent fasting has increased over the last decade, and the results are obvious.

Can intermittent fasting control weight loss and lean mass muscle growth?

The data so far suggests that intermittent fasting can, when practised correctly:

  • can control weight loss
  • help promote lean mass growth
  • can manage blood lipid levels
  • even extend life expectancy.

By following some form of intermittent fasting and significantly reducing your net caloric intake you will over time begin to enjoy the myriad health benefits.

#Bbut each method will provide different benefits to different people, so let us look at each one individually.

3 intermittent fasting techniques

  1. 16/8 or Leangains

This is one of the most convenient intermittent fasting methods available to fitness enthusiasts given its similarity to a “normal” feeding schedule.

The 16/8 approach requires you fast for sixteen hours every day and then proceed to feed for the remaining eight hours.

During the fasting phase of the typical 16/8 you are allowed to consume:

  • black coffee
  • unsweetened drinks
  • diet soda

but otherwise, no calories are permitted.

I strongly recommend this method for beginners since it is effortless to adjust the timing, so the majority of the fasting period occurs overnight while you sleep; this is, after all, how most of us usually operate.

Practitioners of the 16/8 would merely need to hold off on breaking fast for another six hours after waking up. Women can do a variation that consists of a 14/10 split.

Once you enter the feeding phase, you are allowed free reign to eat whatever you want as long as you adhere to whole, unprocessed foods.

16/8 fasting also provides the flexibility of being able to divide your caloric intake into as many meals as you want during the eight hours allotted.

This method works wonders for individuals looking to cut fat and build muscle mass.


This particular method of intermittent fasting boils down to fasting for twenty-four hours straight at least once per week. This means you abstain from all caloric consumption between one meal and the corresponding meal the next day.

The result is the same whether you fast from breakfast to breakfast, lunch to lunch, or dinner to dinner, the result is the same.

All non-caloric beverages are allowed during the fast but nothing else besides. This method is perfect for most people as it reduces overall calories consumed, but it does not limit you to what types of food you eat within reason.

The one downside we can mention is that initially, twenty-four hours without food can be a daunting experience.

Some common side effects encountered by many when they first attempt the EAT-STOP-EAT method are:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • irritation

although they typically diminish over the weeks as the body becomes accustomed to the stresses of a twenty-four hour fast.


There are two versions of this intermittent fasting method available to fitness-oriented individuals.

The most stringent version has you doing a complete fast every other day, and although it can provide quite a few benefits, it can be hard to adhere to over long periods of time for most people.

The alternative consists of having a “UP” day and a “DOWN” day. This UP/DOWN version has you drastically reducing your caloric intake on the DOWN day and eating regularly during the UP day.

Most experts recommend limiting yourself to around five hundred calories on the down days. Since your caloric intake is so drastically reduced on DOWN days, we suggest you leave intense workouts for the UP days.

An intermittent fasting technique to reduce body fat

This approach is perfect for those looking to reduce body fat significantly, but it requires high levels of discipline as it is easy to overindulge in UP days and lose all progress.

Over the years fasting and especially intermittent fasting has been shown to provide many health benefits, and more and more people are turning to these methods to complement their hard work in the gym.

If you are a beginner to the world of fasting, I recommend initially to reduce the number of meals you consume per day until you feel comfortable jumping into a fasting routine.

If you have preexisting medical conditions, you should always check with your primary care provider to see if fasting is an appropriate strategy for you.

Once you start fasting, stay vigilant and pay attention to any signals your body gives you.

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