Tim Muriello

Tim Muriello is a one-of-a-kind supplement king. If you ever look up the phrase ‘High Intensity’ in the dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Muriello came up.tim muriello supplements spazmatic

Tim Muriello is famous for his Spazmatic gym supplements. These are high stimulant products with an incredible amount of killer ingredients in every single scoop.

Spazmatic is a pre-workout supplement that is designed to give you the pump to blast through your workout but without the crash at the end.

The ingredient list within Spazmatic is incredible.

You get the following in each scoop of Spazmatic

  • 4.5grams of pure citrulline
  • 5 different types of stimulants
  • 400mg of caffeine
  • 2gms of Taurine for the extra power and torque in the gym.
  • 1gm of L-Tyrosine for high euphoric energy with no crash

At the moment, we only stock the Spazmatic pre-workout supplement but will be looking to add more of the Tim Muriello range down the track.

And remember, you can purchase your Tim Muriello supplements using afterpay, allowing you to pay off your purchase over a few payments. That is a true win. You gain muscle and get to pay it off over time. Perfect.

Are you ready to make the switch to Tim Murielly Supplements today?

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