USP Labs

usp labs supplements australianAre you looking to get your hands on some USP Labs supplements here in Australia? We noticed the USP brand over the last few years and have been impressed with their quality.

So we decided to stock the USP supplements and in particular, the Modern BCAA+ supplement.

Who is USP Labs?

USP Labs was established in 2006 and have one of the most impressive Instagram channels around. If you want to get inspired, motivated and pumped for a workout, check out their channel.

USP Labs has a number of bodybuilding supplements with their most commonly spoken about one being Jack3d.

One thing you will love about USP is their Barbell Club.

The USP Barbell club is an excellent way to get training tips from the pros. You will also read heaps of powerful nutrition tips which will undoubtedly get you to the next level of your journey.

They provide freebies and bonuses galore, so definitely check out their page and sign up.

And if you are shopping for a friend or family member, you may want to purchase gift cards so they can pick their own USP Labs BCAA+ supplements. You can choose express shipping on checkout.

You can also purchase your USP Supplements using our gym wear afterpay option.

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