EHP Labs OxySleep Deeper Sleep 40 Serves


Ensuring you achieve deep, restful sleep is critically important for recovery.

Combining OxySleep in your workout stack means you can train hard and:

  • Sleep DEEPER
  • Rest BETTER
  • Recover FASTER

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EHP Labs OxySleep is a powerful sleep aid that has been designed to improve recovery, optimise hormonal regulation and support a lean, fat burning physique.

Utilising key ingredients designed to work together, OxySleep supports a number of body functions to ensure sleep is optimised. This allows your body to fully recover from intense workouts or athletic sessions.

Ensuring you achieve deep, restful sleep is critically important for recovery and equally as important for body composition manipulation.

EHP Labs OxySleep will help you:

  • Sleep DEEPER
  • Rest BETTER
  • Recover FASTER

OxySleep has a combination of ingredients to help you sleep more restfully, including caffeine FREE green tea.

The EHPLabs is also designed to regulate your body to help you achieve maximum fat loss or fat utilisation.

Core Ingredients of EHP Labs OxySleep

Deep Sleep Activator

The Deep Sleep matrix combines 5 core ingredients designed to regulate mood, nervous system function and relaxation.

You will get a sense of calm but without feeling sedated. Tenseness and anxiousness will be reduced.

The ingredients within the deep sleep activator will have you feeling relaxed, happy and physically calm to ensure that once you fall asleep your mind and body are relaxed.

Thermogenic Boosters

The thermogenic blend is a caffeine and stimulant free matrix designed to regulate blood sugar levels. All this while supporting metabolic function for optimal fat breakdown and utilisation while you sleep and even the days thereafter.

Final Thoughts on the EHP Labs OxySleep

Maximise your brain function and fat loss by adding this EHP supplement and consume together 30 min prior to bed.

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You can view the full ingredient list and instructions on taking it here:

ehp labs oxysleep nutrition instructions

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