FKN Wrist Wraps – Khaki By FKN Gym Wear

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What you need to know about the FKN Wrist Wraps

  • 390mm long and 75mm wide (over a foot long)
  • Pre-softened for support and comfort
  • Oversized thumb strap to easily hold it in place
  • Perfect for bodybuilding, weightlifting or any sort of heavy lifting

The benefits of wrist wraps are to help you lift heavier, train harder, break down more muscle than ever and to ultimately support your wrists while you hit new PBs.

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Introducing the FKN Wrist Wraps – High-Quality Figure 6 Lifting Wraps

The FKN Wrist Wraps are perfect for those who are doing any sort of heavy lifting and are looking for extra support. These are designed to protect your wrist during heavy lifts.

Every serious bodybuilder, weightlifter and powerlifter needs a set of wrist wraps or wrist straps.

If you got to peek in my gym bag, you’ll find a towel, straps, wraps, a serve or two of protein, 2 gain sausages, hoodie, cap and some kind of pre-workout.

There is no doubt, the heavier you lift, the handier these wrist wraps become. These are one of the toughest and highest quality wrist supports for gym.

You will be using them on every back and leg day and many use them on chest and shoulder day too. The choice is yours.

Benefits of the FKN Wrist Wraps

  • Boss AF Khaki
  • Big Rubber FKN Gym Wear Logo
  • FKN lift figure 6 listing straps
  • Pre Softened For Support And Comfort

My take on the benefits of wrist wraps

“I’ve never trained with wrist wraps but when I read about the benefits I was keen to give them a try. I’ve been hitting the gym consistently for the last 7 months and have noticed my lifts increased fast initially but then plateaued.

I was keen to break through. One thing I noticed on my deadlifts was more often than not it was my wrists that were giving out when lifting over 120kgs for reps.

The wrist wraps have helped me hold on to the bar and it feels like there is less pressure on my fingers. I feel I can get 1-2 reps more out of every set, which has helped me hit new PBs.

Bottom line is I would highly recommend anyone get them who is keen to have more grip so they can lift heavier whilst having the support to keep going.”

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