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You work hard in the gym, and you work hard on your diet. What if I told you that your hard work was going to waste because the nutrients that you are consuming are not getting to where they need to be? The Kodiak Glycoslin supplement could be what you are looking for.

When you are trying to pack on mass, you have to eat more, but how do you tell your body to send all those nutrients to the muscle instead of to fat tissue?

With Kodiak GLYCOSLIN: the most powerful insulin driver and nutrient delivery enhancer on the market.

Kodiak Glycoslin using Nutrient Partitioning

Nutrient partitioning is the concept that the body can be activated to deliver nutrients, such as carbohydrates and protein, to the tissues we want (muscles) and not to the tissues we don’t want (adipose tissue or fat).

This can be accomplished by activating insulin, the hormone that activates transporters of carbohydrate and protein, on muscle cells but not on fat.

Compounds such as cyanidin-3-glucoside, banaba extract and berberine have demonstrated nutrient partitioning in studies, where muscle cells pull in the nutrients from high-calorie diets while fat cells remain unaltered, or even shrink!

  • Cyanidin-3-Glucoside – An extract from berries that, when combined with high calories, increases nutrient transport into the muscles while leaving fat tissue unaffected
  • Berberine – This compound increases insulin sensitivity so that insulin can do its job better and drive more carbs and protein into the muscle
  • Banaba extract – An insulin mimetic, this leaf-derived extract acts like insulin and works synergistically with insulin in the body to dramatically increase nutrient delivery
  • Cinnamon – This common spice has a dual action of acting as an insulin mimetic while also increasing insulin action
  • Thioctic acid – Thioctic acid increases blood flow so that more nutrients are able to be delivered to the musculature

What sets this formula apart from the competition is its precise combination of insulin mimetic and sensitivity activators, so that insulin has helpers to do the work AND can do its job better with more results!

So get those calories in, and then put them to work with Kodiak’s GLYCOSLIN!