Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition 40 Serves


Benefits of Keto Switch

  • You can burn fat and control hunger
  • You will have more clarity
  • It can help improve blood sugar management
  • You will see an increase in energy
  • Keto Switch can help improve your performance

This is a 400g container with 40 serves. You take 1 serve per day 30-60 minutes before exercise.

Choose from four great flavours below.

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Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition

Keto Switch by Switch Nutrition is a 100% Natural exogenous Ketone Supplement designed to enhance ketosis, support mental function, increase mitochondrial energy, lower inflammation, support fat loss, and improve muscle recovery. Keto Switch is naturally sweetened, gluten-free, vegan, ketogenic, and sugar-free. Keto Switch contains a patented ketone ingredient goBHB, a ready to use source of ketones that the body can use as fuel or to boost ketones in the blood. Keto Switch combines three types of different goBHB; calcium goBHB, magnesium goBHB, and sodium goBHB.

Ketone products such as Keto Switch are popular among Keto Dieting circles for their ability to help avoid the “keto flu,” the period where the body is adapting from burning sugar to burning fat (ketones) as a primary source of fuel.

Keto Switch Key Features

  • Reduce Appetite
  • Improves Focus / Mental Clarity
  • Assists with Fat Burning
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Sustained Energy
  • Perfect for those following a Keto Diet

Keto switch also contains a mixture of Vana Sana MCT (medium chained triglyceride), taurine, l-leucine, and acetyl l-carnitine, which all contribute more to burning fat, and sparing muscle tissue as fuel. These additional ingredients create a potent formula for anyone looking at using Keto Switch for performance, fat burning, muscle preservation, and hydration during a ketogenic diet.

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Lychee, Chocolate, Peach Mango, Pineapple Lime, Raspberry