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What is Prototype 8?

Prototype 8 by ATP Science is designed to enhance healing, recovery and muscle hypertrophy.

Prototype 8 is for advanced users only.

Prototype 8 is a very powerful tool and needs to be incorporated into training a certain way. You may need to adjust how you train to maximise your benefits from Prototype 8.

What exactly does Prototype 8 by ATP Science do?

  • Induce powerful vasodilation and pump when applied directly to the target muscle group you are training.
  • Feel the muscle burn and pump within seconds as blood floods the local area.
  • The muscle bundle becomes engorged with blood within 1 or 2 sets.
  • This holds nutrients and the prototype 8 active ingredients in the target zone longer to induce protein synthesis; enhancing muscle growth and reducing muscle breakdown.

What is the addition of Rosemary Oil for?

The addition of rosemary essential oil has added the following benefits;

  • Muscle mind connection
  • Increased mental clarity and focus immediately
  • Improve form and technique
  • Blocks pain

Stimulatory effects of Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is used for mental strain, dullness, lethargy or exhaustion.

Rosemary essential oil crosses the blood-brain barrier after massage and inhalation faster than an oral supplement can.

Due to its high lipophilicity; the fragrance molecule easily penetrates the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain following inhalation or massage.

Rosemary oil is a very powerful stimulant of the brain and central nervous system (CNS) making it a very effective tool in helping to clear the mind and focus on the task at hand; increasing mental awareness and activating the mind muscle connection.

The combination of rosemary oil with peppermint oil has a synergistic effect and the combination shows a more profound action than when used alone.

How do I use Prototype 8?

ATP Science recommends the following: after you warm up the target muscle group apply the Prototype 8 to finish off the session with a full on pump, sweat and muscle burn.

  • It works within seconds and will saturate the muscle bundle for a further 30 minutes.
  • Repeat the process for the next muscle group.
  • Make sure you re-apply after your workout before you consume your post-workout meal or shake.

Everyone uses it a little bit differently so work out what is the best way for you and your style of training.