The Pillars Stack by ATP Science


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The Pillars Stack by ATP Science consist of four products from ATP Science: GutRight, MultiFood, Aurum Oil and Resilience.

What is the Pillars Stack?

The four pillars form the Pillar stack from ATP Science. The Pillar Stack is designed to help support the foundation of health. All ingredients used in the production of the stack are all from natural sources and are vegan friendly. The Pillars Stack help burn fat and get your body in shape with a healthy gut environment, cognitive support and supplying the rights micronutrients to enhance the function of detoxification and metabolism.

Does the Pillars Stack Work?

If you’re looking at getting the holistic fat burner supplement package, you might want to consider the ATP Pillars Stack. The four Pillars of the ATP Pillars Stack work together to form a dependable foundation for good health and fitness. Together with healthy lifestyle choices and a healthy diet plan, the Pillars stack by ATP Science is just the fat burner supplement you need.

The Four Pillars by ATP Stack

Pillar 1. GutRight – GutRight by ATP Science works on the ratios of the population of the microbes in the gut. It is important to have the right ratio of bacteria in the gut as this would help facilitate the necessary kind of digestion in the gut. The right microbes also help facilitate the detoxification of the liver and the kidney.

Pillar 2. Resilience – Resilience by ATP Science works by creating a strong mucosal immunity. This helps to improve the gut wall lining and balance the inner immune response. This modulates how the body responds to infections and possible threats and also how the body reacts to these threats and is restored to a state of homeostasis.

Pillar 3. Multifood – Multifood by ATP Science provides both water- and fat-soluble vitamins to the body. It is these vitamin co-factors that is responsible for a number of biological functions, detoxification support and the hormonal conversion pathways.

Pillar 4. Aurum Oil – Aurum Oil is the fourth pillar by ATP Science. The Oil is a golden elixir of non-essential and conditionally-essential fatty acids. These acids provide the body with all the tools required to create a support for all the oily structures in the body.


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