USP Labs Modern BCAA+ Intra-Workout


With over 90% of active ingredients per serve, Modern BCAA has stepped up their peri-workout nutrition game and loaded their amino acid product with only the best ingredients at max dosages.

Utilising an 8:1:1 ratio of Leucine to Isoleucine and Valine, Modern BCAA utilises a high dose serving of the most anabolic amino acid to ensure maximal growth and recovery is achieved.

  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Increase Recovery
  • Improve Performance

Combining high-dose BCAA’s with added amino acids and supporting electrolytes for hydration, the Modern BCAA blend is a truly modernised approach to optimising recovery.

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If you are after a powerful Intra-workout formula then the USP Labs Modern BCAA+ Amino Acid mix is one you must try.

You get 15 grams of amino acids per serving, which helps deliver the right stuff to your muscles when you need it most.

Core Ingredients of the USP Labs Modern BCAA+

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

BCAA’s are the 3 dominant amino acids responsible for the repair and rebuilding of broken down or damaged muscle tissue. Supplementing with BCAA’s around exercise has also been shown to reduce fatigue, improve performance and may reduce post-workout muscle soreness.


L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine is a patented version of L-Glutamine, which has been modified to maintain sustainability in liquid form, meaning your Glutamine won’t degrade during your workout and will be maximally beneficial all day.

L-Glutamine is effective in supporting your immune system, improving stomach integrity and reducing muscle breakdown during times of caloric restriction.

Directions on taking the Modern BCAA+

One serving is 2 level scoops. You need to mix 1 serving with 600ml of water then shake the heck out of it for 30 seconds.

You want to take this throughout your workout, so sip it from time to time. If you find the sediment on the bottom after a while, give it a little shake to mix it up again.

Final Thoughts on the USP Labs Modern BCAA+

Made with no artificial colours, Modern BCAA is a refreshing electrolyte fortified amino acid designed to enhance recovery and reduce fatigue.

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