What Separates Success From Failure At The Gym?

What Separates Success From Failure At The Gym?

It is not easy to stay motivated with exercise, especially if you are a beginner and are just starting your trek down the path to fitness. Today we are going to outline the mistakes people make and what separates success from failure at the gym.

Many people who have been at it for a long time will readily admit that on some days you feel like working out and on some days you just do not.

If you are trying to lose weight and want to make a habit out of exercise, you might be surprised to find out there is little difference between you and the people who work out regularly.

Can I buy a magic pill for instant results?

There is no magic pill that can provide us with discipline and motivation. Do those people who tirelessly work out have something we do not? No, the answer lies in how you think.

It is a common enough occurrence that once the initial excitement of starting a new workout routine fades a couple of things will happen.

First, your enthusiasm takes a steep dive. Secondly, you begin to make the grave mistake of not giving your workout routine enough of a priority.

Modern day society is obsessed with instant gratification and so when you realise that results are not being achieved as fast as you had hoped you stop caring. This combination can be devastating, and in fact, it is at this early juncture that many people simply quit.

What is truly frustrating is that often enough people quit right before a significant change is about to become apparent. If only they had stuck it out a few more weeks, they might have found the motivation to keep going.

Some common mistakes made by people having trouble sticking to their routines are:

  • Paying too much attention to the scale: Losing weight is not a fast process, at least not when it is done responsibly and adequately. For some, it is an arduous process that can take months of hard work and commitment which is why it is so essential to establish realistic and achievable goals when first starting out. Otherwise, impatience and disappointment might rear their ugly heads.
  • Burning out: Working too hard is a common mistake made by beginners. Getting in shape and gaining strength and resistance is a gradual process, if you want to perform at the same level as people who have been at this for years, you will hit a wall. Start out easy so that your body has enough time to adjust to the exercise and you will see that your work out sessions is less stressful and more efficient.
  • Not working hard enough: ironically some people simply do not put forth as much intensity as necessary to see real gains. Many come to the gym thinking it is a social event while others come looking for love, none of these people has their minds in the right place. If you want to burn calories and gain muscle mass and strength, then you need to think of the gym and your work out as a means to that end and nothing else.
  • Comparing yourself to others: if you know someone who has been working out for as long as you have and they are losing weight at a faster rate than you, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you or your approach. Our bodies respond differently to stimuli, and we all have distinct metabolisms. Comparing yourself to others is one of the gravest mistakes you can make. Concentrate on your gains and do not worry about others.
  • Quitting too soon: If you are worried that you do not see results then the last thing you should do is give up. If you are working consistently and putting forth maxim effort, then you are on your way to success. Stick with it, and you will reap your rewards.

No matter how focused and committed you are to your path there are still other components that you must address to achieve success, and these will mark the difference:

  • Nutrition: Proper and balanced nutrition is the cornerstone of all health and fitness. If you work hard but eat like a pig, you will fail. Make sure your daily diet consists of lean protein, natural carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables and legumes.
  • Cardio: Many people commit the mistake of ignoring their cardiovascular performance. Cardio exercises will not only help you burn calories at the moment they will also boost your metabolism to a point where you burn more calories even while at rest. Cardio also has the added benefit of improving your cardiac health.
  • Resistance Training: lifting weights provides many more benefits than just making your muscles bigger. Resistance training improves bone density, increases your strength, and the extra muscle will boost your metabolism.
  • Knowledge: it is so easy to get hurt when you work out without being adequately informed. Coaches and personal trainers exist for a reason, and that educates people and teach them proper form and general guidelines to ensure their safety.
  • Supplementation: Nutritional supplements are expertly crafted to fill in the gaps that your diet will have. It is not Success From Failure At The Gym Multivita supplementhumanly possible to get all the micronutrients necessary for your body to be all that it can be by dietary ingestion alone. Something like MULTIVITA REVOLUTION, an everyday multivitamin that has been carefully formulated with a full spectrum micronutrients to optimise your health and overall well-being.

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What separates success from failure is more straightforward than you might think. There is no magic pill or special secret that only a few are privy to.

The answer is twofold. You need the right mindset; one that allows you to focus on what is truly important and enables you to commit fully and avoid distraction and you need to prepare and organise your approach.

A haphazard approach will net you messy results. If you follow those two principles, then you will not fail.


We have, in preparing this information, used our best endeavours to ensure that the information contained herein is true and accurate, but accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability in respect of any errors, inaccuracies or misstatements contained herein. Information guide only and any other further information should be considered by a professional.