Setting Fitness Goals As A Couple

Setting Fitness Goals As A Couple

Studies have shown people tend to train for more prolonged periods of time and with more enthusiasm when in the company of others. The measurable release of endorphins in people who exercised with a partner is greater than that of people who train individually. But the real trick to enjoyment is setting fitness goals as a couple.

As you can imagine, there is no one better to achieve your goals with than your significant other.

Leave the hugs aside for just a moment and try spending quality time exercising with your partner.

Feeling closer and more in love

Studies have often suggested that at the end of demanding physical activity or a high-intensity exercise routine, couples report feeling more comfortable in the company of each other while feeling closer and more in love

Setting fitness goals with your partner such as training for a race or simply jogging together, perhaps taking Yoga or a Pilates class, will have the added benefit of improving the quality of the relationship while at the same time facilitating the way the both of you can meet the established goals.

Plus when one of you begins to falter, the other will be able to more easily push and motivate the other to remain focused and determined. This is a real win-win fitness plan.

Synchronising your actions and routines

When couples train together, they begin to sync more fully their activities and routines, which leads to eating the same diet, studying or learning new disciplines together, sharing off days and rest days, all of which are factors that influence in generating positive, caring and healthy bonds between the two.

Although both of you can have varying levels of fitness and have different goals and aspirations, that does not mean you cannot exercise together.

7 reasons to set fitness goals as a couple

  1. Modern life has made it increasingly difficult to spend time together. We all have busy schedules, and families spend most of their time separated due to work and other responsibilities. Instead of going to the gym alone, plan a training time that fits your partner’s schedule as well. You can get to achieve your goals, without sacrificing the time you have to be with your partner.
  2. Adding exercises to the list of shared interests and hobbies is very healthy for the relationship. The possibility of carrying out new and exclusive activities is endless and keeps the emotion and excitement of the relationship alive.
  3. With someone watching over your training; someone who can be there for you and be able to look out for your safety and provide the help and motivation you need, you will be able to workout more safely than if you were by yourself. Will nobody care more about your safety and wellbeing than your loved one mate?
  4. Better motivation than wanting to impress your loved one will be hard to find And getting the encouragement and support of your partner is one of the best inspirations. This will help the both of you to remain consistent and take care of each other.
  5. Exercise produces chemicals called endorphins in the brain that evoke feelings of happiness, reduce stress, and also increase excitement and libido. Several studies show that men and women who exercise regularly have better and more frequent sex.
  6. Performing physical exercise on a regular basis helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Doing this will significantly diminish the main reason that couples argue. It also helps to develop self-esteem and confidence and promotes psychological well-being.
  7. In most couples, one member tends to favour cardio training (usually the women) while the other member tends to favour strength training (usually the men). By working together, you will able to balance your exercise program so that it includes more of both. The overall benefit for both of you is excellent.

Take a class together. While a salsa dance class is ideal for couples, other kinds of activities will work just as well.

Consider trying something new that interests you both: martial arts, wall climbing, yoga, swimming lessons, or even spinning or other sports.

When setting fitness goals, consider group classes

Group classes, such as indoor cycling allow each participant partner to attack the training session at their fitness level, which means that both of you can get the training you want without the other feeling either held back or compromised.

Exercise equipment

In the gym, just choose two cardio machines that are next to each other and work towards your individual goals. You are going to be together, but everyone can work at their own pace, intensity, inclination, and level of resistance.

Anaerobic resistance training is also a valid option for couples looking to work together. Whether you do the training individually or do it with the partner while you rest, your partner can complete a series of the reps.

Changing weights at your level can be done quickly and efficiently on most machines. Another time-saving option is the use of barbells, so you do not have to continually add and remove the weight plates when switching between sets.

Creating a more active lifestyle together in a natural environment includes many health benefits, you can also disconnect from the stressful daily life as it works as relaxation therapy.

There are a boundlessness of sports to practice outdoors such as hiking, canoeing, recreational cycling, rafting and simply enjoy a pleasant walk, without haste.

As always, when setting and establishing fitness goals, an important aspect to consider is nutrition. Caloric intake, macronutrient distribution, and micronutrient supplementation must be considered.

Both of you will need lean proteins, healthy carbs, and fats. A caloric deficit can help you lose weight, and a caloric surplus will help those that seek muscle mass increases.

Men and women’s bodies are different – Supplementation ideas

Unfortunately men and women will have very different nutritional requirements, but fortunately, there are plenty of gender-specific nutritional supplements available in today’s fitness market.

Our recommendation

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