Shred Up Your Lifestyle For A Lean Physique

Shred Up Your Lifestyle For A Lean Physique

Have you ever wondered why some people have such an easy time achieving and then maintaining a lean physique?

Why are some of us constantly at battle with our bodies trying to make sure our hard work does not go down the drain the minute we let our guards down?

Is it genetics?

You might be tempted to blame genetics; perhaps these people who so effortlessly stay shredded are superior in some way to the rest of us?

But I am here to tell that you that while our body composition affects our rate of success inside the gym, it is often what we do outside that determines how effective we can be in achieving our goals.

Time to shred up your lifestyle for a lean physique

The secret is to shred up your lifestyle, and today we are going to take a look at how you can achieve this.

The first thing I want to get across to you is this process is a long-term endeavour.

The changes that are necessary to transform our way of life to support a shredding lifestyle are not going to occur overnight.

The next thing that must be made clear is that all too often plenty of deeply ingrained habits actively undermine our most energetic efforts, and it is essential to identify them quickly and adjust appropriately.

Lastly, we need to discuss the fact these changes are to last a lifetime so it is crucial we find strategies that can easily be made into long-lasting habits.

Getting a lean physique through proper nutrition

Let us address the nutritional side of your lifestyle transformation first.

Number one priority should be to attain an understanding that fad diets will not work for you. These crash diets are often able to provide a slimming effect, but they are not sustainable over long periods of time.

As soon as you revert to old eating habits, your body will bounce right back, and you will gain the weight.

Give the fad diets the boot

Additionally, these fad diets are often deficient in essential micronutrients, so the healthiest and most sensible approach is to adopt a balanced diet that is sustainable for as long as you want.

As always look to include lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Although the quality of your nutrition is the most important factor here, it would also behove you to consider the quantity.

By eating more frequently, you can promote fat burning and make the cutting process more efficient. Consider anywhere between six to eight meals a day.

As long as you maintain control over your caloric intake, your metabolism will be boosted, and no additional weight will be gained.

Ketogenic diets – Can they work?

A ketogenic diet might be a good alternative for you to consider. Ketosis is a natural phase of your metabolic cycle, and it occurs when the body no longer consumes carbohydrates for energy and instead turns to fat for fuel.

Ketogenic diets also have the added benefit of aiding the preservation of muscle mass; this is especially important because often when people attempt to cut fat, they also lose some of the muscle gained during the bulk period. Ketosis can help individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome, diabetes, epilepsy, and even some forms of cancer.


Ketosis can be achieved by significantly reducing your carbohydrate intake over time. To do this, you will have to entirely avoid sugars, grains such as rice and wheat, potatoes, beans, and any form of refined carbohydrates.

Aim for around seventy percent fats, twenty-five percent proteins, and at most five percent carbs.

Time for some lifting – What about my workouts?

With nutrition out of the way let us now focus on your workouts. If you are looking for the shredded physique, then your number one priority is to build up your muscle mass.

Cardio alone will never achieve this. So hit the iron with fury. Design your workout routine around compound exercises; the more muscle groups you engage at any one time, the more fat you will be burning.

High-Intensity Interval Training will help achieve a lean physique

High-Intensity Interval Training is a perfect candidate for the type of workout you will need; studies have provided evidence that with HIIT you can burn more calories than with standard cardio exercises in a fraction of the time. This is perfect if you are looking for a lean physique.

The most significant factor is to increase your basal heart rate to improve your metabolic rate and burn more calories over time.

This is not to say that HIIT should be the only approach you take endeavour. The more accustomed you grow to a specific routine the less efficient it will become over time, so you need to stay on your toes and diversify.

Lifting heavy weights at the gym

When you lift you should lift heavy; lighter loads over higher reps will build up your strength and endurance but for the shredded look you are after you need to focus on muscle building and that will become much easier to achieve with heavier loads.

The two key components are that you continuously build muscle mass and gradually increase your base heart rate so that your metabolism gets a permanent boost. Remember, you want a strong body on the path to attaining a lean physique. Heavy weights will help you achieve the body shape you want.

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