8 Secrets to Staying Fit During the Holidays

8 Secrets to Staying Fit During the Holidays

The holidays are finally around the corner and with them come the gifts, family gatherings, office parties and holiday dinners. There is so much food going around during the holidays that it has become increasingly hard to keep up with and maintain personal training and dietary routines. Today we are going to run through the 8 secrets to staying fit during holidays.

Holiday season is not the time to let your hard work disappear

Studies have shown that the majority of people tend to put on weight during this time of the year.

Overeating without control is the principal cause of weight gain, but it is not the only reason. Most people are experts at coming up with excuses to slack on physical activity and exercise routines. Read on if you want to avoid becoming one more of the bunch.

The number one mistake people make during the holidays is skipping their training and workout routines.

The holidays provide no shortage of reasons and excuses for skipping out on your training but as the holidays pass regret and guilt become manifest.

If you do not want to be one of the millions of people who reluctantly hit the gyms around the country in January armed with new year’s resolutions and hopes of making amends for all the mistakes made during the holidays you must find an equilibrium between those delicious holiday foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are our Top 4 Secrets to staying fit during holidays

  1. Eat before you leave the house. As simple as that; this trick will help you eat less like nothing else. If you eat something before going to that office party or that family reunion, you will not be tempted to eat as much since your stomach will be half full, to begin with. Something else you can do is to pick and allow yourself one guilty pleasure but just one. This way you will not feel too constrained and will be able to enjoy yourself more. Never skip meals. Skipping breakfast so that you can “make room” for dinner is the worst mistake you can make and will only augment your weight gains.
  2. Eat strategically. What I mean by this is that eating healthy during the holidays does not necessarily mean that you must abstain from holiday food. Trying to avoid all of that delicious food might prove disadvantageous by increasing temptation and making it harder to maintain control each time the opportunity to overeat presents itself. The best way to deal with this is to eat the healthier foods first. If your plate is composed of fattening main dishes, try starting with the side dishes which are usually some vegetable preparation and thus more robust. If you fill up on these healthier choices, it will be easier to prevent yourself from overeating the more fattening dishes.
  3. Drink in moderation. Most people are quite surprised when I tell them how high the caloric count of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is a by-product of a fermentation process that involves the breakdown of starches and sugar. Which means that each gram of alcohol contains almost as many calories as pure fat and since these drinks provide zero nutritional value they are full of empty calories which go straight to your waistline. Go easy on the drinks. This is not primarily hard because no one will think it rude if you do not go down the entire glass.
  4. Keep track of what you eat. This tip might seem odd to you at first, but hear me out. You should start by keeping “food diary” where you jot down everything you eat during the holidays and keep up to date. Try weighing yourself every day and keep track of this information too; this will help you stay on top of your dietary intake and provide you with a better perspective that can help you pinpoint a given moment during the holidays when you are slowing down is the sensible choice.

Now that we have got the nutrition side down let us talk about your training.

Here are 4 useful training tips and hacks to keep you focused this holiday season

  1. Play some sports with friends. One of the simplest ways you can use to stay on top of your training is to weave in athletic activities just in case family commitments get in the way of the gym. Most people manage to have a little extra time on their hands during the holidays, and this is as good a time as any to schedule some sports on the side.
  2. Challenge a friend. Pick a friend and establish a little dose of competition. It might seem childish at first, but it is a fantastic way to avoid temptations and find the motivation to stay on top of your game. You can set a specific fitness goal and bet a lunch on it.
  3. Make sure your rest day lines up with the holiday. Some things no matter how much you would like to you cannot avoid doing. Sometimes it will just be unacceptable to reject some of the grandma’s stew and to skip holiday dinner altogether might get you in hot water with your family. And since most gyms are closed on the holiday it would be wise to plan and try to align your off day with the holidays.
  4. Once a week, crank up the intensity of your workout. This a perfect way to make up for any instances of overeating or overdrinking. Always remember to train. It is not only about avoiding doing damage you must make sure to maintain all the gains you have earned up to this point. And it is a perfect way to take advantage of all those extra calories you consumed and put them to good use by turning them into even more muscle mass.

So there you have it.

Eight secrets to staying fit during the holiday season.

If you make sure to incorporate these techniques into your holiday routine you will avoid all the pitfalls associated with the festivities. It also never hurts to complement with high-quality supplements.

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