What Is Holding You Back From Better Strength Training Results?

What Is Holding You Back From Better Strength Training Results?

A surprisingly large number of people do not experience significant muscle growth when participating in strength training. Everyone wants better strength training results but often overlook the key elements to success.

On the one hand, we have people who with minimal effort manage to get results fast and consistently while on the other side there are those who no matter what they do they are forever stuck with little to show for their hard work.

For these people getting results and seeing muscle gains becomes a gruelling and often insurmountable challenge.

Why are strength training results so difficult for some people?

Can it be blamed on genetics? Is it lack of commitment? Perhaps the reason behind this phenomenon is poor organisational skills?

Here is the answer

The answer might be more complicated than you think. Let us delve a little deeper and find out what is holding you back from those results you so covet.

If you want to see results, then you need to establish clear and precise goals. Is your primary motivation for working out to gain strength?

Perhaps the principal reason you joined was to increase muscle mass and be huge, or maybe you wish to attain the explosiveness of an Olympic weightlifter. Is your primary goal to achieve peak physical condition?

What are your motivations?

Maybe you are doing this so that you can exceed in a particular sport. All of these different motivations will demand different things from you. If you want to be a bodybuilder then you entire training regime will differ from somebody who is looking to become a powerlifter.

If you do not establish your primary motivation and have precise and specific goals in mind, then your body will naturally never be as capable as it can be.

Strength training will always increase your explosive force, coordination, stamina, and flexibility but with the wrong routine and unclear goals, you might start to spin your wheels and see little bang for your buck.

Common misconceptions

Another common misconception amongst people looking to get fit or gain strength and increase muscle mass is that the entirety of your effort should be done inside the gym or training facility and nothing could be further from the truth.

If you allow your training regime to become lopsided towards gym time and neglect all the other components necessary for dependable, long-lasting results, then you are fighting a losing battle.

Sleep is essential

The most critical period for muscle growth and tissue repair happens during your sleep. While your body rests a chemical process called anabolism occurs.

Anabolism is a set of metabolic pathways through which the construction and synthesis of molecules occur. During your sleep cycle, your body will release a surge of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone that are conducive to the differentiation of cells and increases in mass.

It is as simple as this; if you are not consistently getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night, then you are not allowing your body to efficiently convert the hard work and effort you have been putting in at the gym. Get enough sleep, and I guarantee you that you will begin seeing more precise and faster results.

Nutrition will help you get results

Nutrition is the next aspect of your training that happens outside of the gym, but that has a significant impact on whether you see the results you strive for.

If your nutritional intake is not adequate for muscle tissue growth then no matter how much you work out you won’t be satisfied with the outcome. As we mentioned earlier having clear goals will go a long way in your training.

If for example, you seek to get ripped and have a shredded appearance you need to cut down your body fat percentages drastically, and a specific nutritional approach is required. On the other hand, if you are looking for build muscle mass and get big then your diet must be hypercaloric, that is you need an abundance of calories, to feed rapid growth.

A balanced diet

As always a balanced diet is of paramount importance. You need the right balance of macronutrients: Lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy polyunsaturated fats. It is important to remember that fat is an essential component in the synthesis of hormones.

Especially that of testosterone which is needed for many things least of which is muscle growth; but if your diet skews too heavily in one direction, then you will not see the results you so want.

Another aspect to consider if you feel that you do not see sufficient gains and results is that perhaps you have hit a rut.

Repeated stresses and adaptation

The human body and its associated systems are mighty adept at adapting. Repeated stresses will lose their effect sooner than later and when this happens if you continue to apply the same technique you are just wasting time.

Variety is vital during this period. Combining programs that focus on muscular hypertrophy with programs that focus on maximum strength will get you faster results.

Changing up your workout will stimulate different muscles and different fibres within those muscles. Fast twitch muscle fibres will react differently than slow twitch muscle fibres to the same exercise so vary your routine by changing weights and reps.

Micronutrient intake

Last but certainly not least is one aspect that is often overlooked by beginners and the more experienced alike, and that is micronutrient intake. Micronutrients are those required by the organism in small qualities but that nonetheless exercise a considerable role in fundamental physiological processes.

These are your vitamins, trace elements such as iron and copper and essential amino acids which are required for protein synthesis. Without sufficient micronutrient levels in your body, you will probably not get the results you might be expecting.

This is why micronutrient supplementation should never be neglected during a workout program. The market is flooded with thousands of such products, and so it is entirely possible to be led astray by inferior quality products.

What do we recommend?

I recommend you stick to tried and true brands such as ERGOGENIX and MUSCLESPORT.

These are leading brands in the nutritional supplement market, and their products are formulated by experts to provide you with the highest quality available.

ERGOGENIX’s ERGODRIVE TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER is a fantastic product for those needing that extra boost of Test. ALPHASRM from MUSCLESPORT is a Muscle Builder and Fat Loss supplement in one with great growth enhancers and thermogenic compounds.

This is by far one of the best products on the market, and it can get you seeing results faster than you would think possible.

Address the issues stated in this article my friend, and you will not believe how fast you can be to see a turnaround and start experiencing the results that have so far evaded you.

Gaining muscle, increasing your strength training results and getting fit are not easy tasks; they all require hard work, determination, and commitment but these things are all within your reach, so get to work.


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