Lift Gear has been devoted to providing the highest quality wellness and nutrition products to the masses since its foundation. From the very beginning, our goal has been to promote the formation of lives that are vibrant and energetic. Lift Gear now stands proudly in the international market; but even though our business reaches globally, we are through and through an Australian company.

We could not be prouder of announcing our support of one of Australia’s premier Non for Profit community-focused organisations. Lift Gear is now fully committed to providing unwavering support to Surf Life Saving Australia!

Surf Life Saving Sponsorship

Who is Surf Life Saving Australia, and why are we so excited to announce our new partnership with them?

Surf Life Saving Australia is Australia’s top coastal water safety, drowning prevention and rescue authority. Last year alone SLSA was credited with performing over ten thousand rescues, close to one hundred and ten thousand first aid treatments, and almost 4 million preventative actions on Australia’s many beaches. These numbers are truly outstanding, and the impact on the lives of Australia’s beach-going population could not be more profound.

Surf Life Saving Australia is composed of more than one hundred and fifty thousand volunteer members and is organised into hundreds of clubs each tasked with promoting water safety and providing water rescue services. SLSA members are working millions of combined hours each year and offering solid protection while creating a strong sense of community to boot.

Since 1902, groups of volunteers have been patrolling beaches and looking out for the safety of Australian beachgoers. Notably, Surf Life Saving Australia continuously provides guidance and extensive expertise to numerous allied lifesaving organisations around the globe. SLSA’s global effort to reduce injury and water-related deaths is the cause of the founding of life-saving services in areas of the world where they were needed the most.

As an active sponsor of Surf Life Saving Australia, Lift Gear is now enthusiastically embracing a lifesaving movement and the funding of SLSA research. SLSA is committed to organising extensive research initiatives that aim to improve practical knowledge of rip-current safety, development of rocky coast hazard ratings, development of standards for low-buoyancy lifejackets, evaluation of security in the sport of surfing, climate change adaptation, and drowning and injury epidemiology.

Lift Gear is particularly thrilled with the possibility of establishing a long-lasting relationship with one of the world’s most reputable organisations. We take our mission of improving lives seriously, and because of this, we are delighted to engage with partners with can-do attitudes that feel the same way.