Tabata High Intensity Interval Training -Is it Enough To Burn Fat?

Tabata High Intensity Interval Training -Is it Enough To Burn Fat?

Today more than ever, fitness enthusiasts have a plethora of available options when it comes to finding a simple workout routine that fits their lifestyle and busy schedules. But one method, in particular, has stood the test of time. The Tabata High Intensity Interval Training method gets results. It is as simple as that. Read on to find out how simple and effective it is.

Whether your goal is to get:

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Leaner
  • more flexible
  • or gain muscle mass

There are many options for you to consider.

Perhaps you have heard wonders spoken about HIIT, or HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING routines, and are willing to give them a try.

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

In this post, we are going to talk about the many benefits of HIIT workout routines and more specifically TABATA workouts and whether they are good enough to burn fat.

A HIIT routine is a type of high-intensity cardiovascular workout. These types of workouts are fairly popular because they allow for a high degree of flexibility since they can be adequately performed in the gym, but also in a park and even your home.

Hit it hard, then rest – The secret to the Tabata High Intensity Interval Training routine

HIITs are called just that because they consist of performing very high-intensity bursts of physical activity interspersed with short breaks for partial rest.

This setup up allows the participant to maximise effort while minimizing time. A HIIT routine can last anywhere between five and forty-five minutes and are generally speaking highly demanding.

High-intensity interval training routines solid results strikingly fast, but it is important to start them with a solid physical base already in place to minimise the possibility of injury.

What is a Tabata HIIT workout?

A TABATA workout merely is one type of HIIT routine. What makes TABATA stand out is its ability to quickly and efficiently stimulate your body into a fat burning frenzy. TABATA as a training system was developed in Japan by Professor Izumi Tabata.

Professor Tabata is dean of one of Japan’s leading graduate schools of sports and health science. After years of research Professor, Tabata discovered that comparable results could be obtained by performing a moderate intensity and continuous training during sixty minutes and a high-intensity interval training session lasting only four minutes.

The premise that you can work out for less than five minutes and achieve the same results than if you worked out for an hour sounds too good to be true, but is it?

A typical TABATA workout set will consist of just twenty seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by only ten seconds of rest repeated eight times.

Tabata is dead simple

TABATA is that easy, you just push yourself to your physical limit for twenty seconds and then rest for ten. Any exercise is valid during a TABATA workout, but bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and burpees are typically the most popular choices.

No additional equipment is needed except for a stopwatch so that you can accurately keep track of time.

How could such a simple workout provide such terrific results?

The secret behind TABATA’s success as a reliable workout alternative lies in the fact that it significantly improves both aerobic and anaerobic aspects of your body’s metabolism.

By demanding an increased strength and cardiovascular performance, TABATA routines can alter your body’s ATP cycle and improve cellular energy economy.

The body has three central metabolic energy systems. The phosphagen system is the body’s fastest to resynthesize ATP.

The science behind HIIT

Stored creatine phosphate binds to adenosine phosphate, and ATP is synthesised. No carbohydrate or fat is burned during this process since the majority of ATP synthesis is performed through stored creatine phosphate.

Because this process is anaerobic, it is the primary process through which energy is provided for high-intensity bursts of physical activity lasting under ten seconds.

For continuous exercise lasting over thirty seconds up to a couple of minutes, glycolysis kicks in as the second most rapid way for the body to generate ATP.

It is during glycolysis that carbohydrate derived glucose and muscle-bound glycogen are burned up, and it is through this chemical reaction that ATP energy is released. This process is not very efficient, but it allows for quick access to stored energy.

How the aerobic system works

Lastly, we find the aerobic system which is entirely dependent on oxygen for cellular energy production. The aerobic system is the slowest but also the most efficient energy system since it can provide the most significant amount of energy over prolonged periods of time.

Besides oxygen, fat stored as triglyceride within the body, and being the most abundant metabolic energy store available, plays a significant role in the aerobic system and its production of energy.

What makes TABATA workout routines so fantastic, is the fact that they can tap into all three energy systems and jump-start your metabolism at all levels.

Because of their quick burst nature, TABATA routines draw into both the phosphagen and glycolysis systems and because of the high intensity they can stimulate aerobic process into action.

Tabata is a brilliant form of HIIT to induce thermogenesis

The result being that TABATA workouts are a fantastic way to increase thermogenic activity within the body and kick-start fat burning.

If you are on the lookout for an efficient workout method, then look no further than TABATA routines. TABATA can provide you with a shortened workout time which is perfect for busy modern lifestyles.

Shorter workout time will no translate to inferior results as long as the high-intensity component is met with enthusiasm.

TABATA type routines can even improve insulin sensitivity which means that you will possess an increased uptake of glucose by muscle tissue thus preventing deposits of fat from forming.

Your lung capacity will be greatly increased

Tabata High Intensity Interval Training routines also provide a fantastic cardiovascular improvement using their fantastic aerobic demand. When done right TABATA workout routines can offer unprecedented fat burning, and cardiovascular benefits so do not hesitate to give them a try.

Consider the following supplements to complement your HIIT

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Now you know everything you need to about the Tabata High Intensity Interval Training method. The best thing to do is give it a go. See for yourself how powerful it can be. You will burn fat and develop a strong body at the same time. Go for it.


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