Your Winter Fitness Survival Plan

Your Winter Fitness Survival Plan

A common mistake made during the Winter season is to let go. It’s cold and it’s dark. Not ideal. But a winter fitness survival plan mapped out, sticking to your fitness goals is so much easier.

It all comes down to a simple plan.

During spring and summer, gyms worldwide are filled to the brim with people attempting to fulfil their end of year and New Year’s resolutions.

Many have goals to get fit, to work out more often, to eat healthier, and make up for all the elements that were neglected during winter.

Careful planning is key to your winter fitness survival plan

Luckily for you, I am here to tell you that you do not have to be a part of this sad group. With careful planning and a detailed survival plan, you can get through winter without suffering from this problem.

Exercising in winter is an activity that is so quickly interrupted. The fear of cold temperatures, especially in areas where the winter is more extreme, the short days and long nights, the dinners and gatherings replete with tempting food, are all commonplace and readily available excuses.

But this should not be the case as exercise and physical activities or sports can and should be practised throughout the.

There are so many benefits to leading a healthy life, but surprisingly there are many benefits to doing this especially during the winter time.

Benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle over Winter

  • More calorie expenditure: Practicing outdoor exercise in winter increases calorie burning by up to 30%. The reason behind this is that in winter the body must work more to regulate its internal temperature against external cold and so it consumes more calories and accumulated fat to fuel itself up.
  • Cold weather has the surprising benefit of strengthening the heart. When your body is exposed to cold temperatures, it causes the heart to work harder to distribute the warm blood throughout the body. If you exercise regularly in winter, your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases in the future will be reduced
  • Although it is cold, exposure to the sunlight can provide essential amounts of vitamin D, which is especially important during the dark days of winter and after being indoors for extended periods of time.

Following some simple tips to exercise in winter we can continue to enjoy the fitness benefits of sports and exercise. The rain, cold, wind and other discomforts of winter weather should never be impediments for us to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

Some might even go as far as to say that winter is an ideal time to lose the weight and achieve the look you desire so that you can be in good shape in the face of spring and summer.

The first thing we must keep in mind is that our attitudes matter greatly. You have to accept that all those things that “prevent” you from staying fit during winter are nothing more than half-assed excuses.

You have to at least maintain your level of fitness, not go backwards

If you approach your fitness and state of health regarding seasons and only exercise when the weather is agreeable, you will hardly make progress.

When we talk about learning a new skill or achieving the next milestone in the gym, consistency is of the highest importance. Every time that you skip or neglect your workouts, you will be taking two steps back.

Cold temperatures do not have to be an impediment when it comes to making progress, but it is going to be a powerful adversary, and we recognise that. Leaving the warmth and cosiness of your home and braving the cold and damp of winter can be very trying, but once you get started, it becomes much more comfortable.

Increasing your warmup period

Which is why increasing the warm-up period is so crucial. In summer it is much easier to get the body at the right temperature.

However, in winter you must increase the warm-up time to prevent injury and allow your body sufficient time to get acclimated.

The next step you must take is to check the temperature outside and dress accordingly.

Get the right clothes for working out in Winter

There are unique clothes for winter, but if the temperature is not too cold, the smart thing to do is wear several thin coats to keep you warm at the beginning of the workout. Make them easily removable and take them off as the exercise progresses, and your body starts getting more heated and you begin to sweat.

The accumulation of sweat on the body, when exposed to low temperatures, can make you feel colder so you should prioritise clothes that help you eliminate that sweat that has accumulated under the different layers of clothes.

Nutrition during the winter months

One of the most important aspects to consider for your winter survival plan is your nutrition. It is so commonplace to eat large amounts of very hearty fattening foods.

Never arrive hungry for a party or family gathering. Eating a little beforehand can go a long way in helping you curb temptation and keeping consumption of fattening foods to a minimum.

Did you say limit alcohol?

Limit the use of alcoholic beverages to a bare minimum as alcohol packs quite a punch when it comes to caloric content. It is also crucial during the winter time to practice a supplementation; I recommend a thermogenic supplement.

Thermogenics are perfect for the winter time with all the extra caloric intake and difficulty with getting out and doing physical activity.

What we recommend

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