Best Women’s Gym Tights – Comfort, Style & Durability

Best Women’s Gym Tights – Comfort, Style & Durability

At the core of every workout is the comfort, flexibility and the range of motion to perform. That is why it helps to find the best women’s gym tights or leggings to help you power through your workouts.best womens gym tights leggings

A thousand years ago nobody did workout to keep fit; there were no sports leagues or clubs to promote healthy lifestyles, there were no marathons promoted by a famous soft drink or popular yoga schools.

There was no Tabata HIIT, Cross Training, aerobic exercise or repetition series.

The only stadium in the western world was held by the Romans, but there were no sports taking place there, they carried out massacres in it.

The only ones who trained for anything were the soldiers of the very few organised armies, again the Romans, for example.

But people rode horses, fell trees with an axe, lugged buckets of water all day, cultivated fields and harvested them for weeks; they did everything walking, the days began before sunrise and went to bed just as early.

They ate fresh produce, and their world was much less contaminated.

Were they in better physical shape than us?

This is a point that has been discussed extensively, and the bottom line is that the average life expectancy was considerably less than the modern value is.

But if we live more, now it is due to medical advances not to the amount of physical conditioning we do now.

A thousand years ago, the workout was embedded in everyday life.

Today it isn’t.

To be fit, you have to make decisions and act, knowing that if we do not, the couch and the desk chair will kill us before our due time.

To avoid this, we undertake a healthy life; we adopt a daily routine of physical conditioning that gives us health, well-being, a sense of calm and enormous energy.

But an honest exercise session is hard work, sweaty, demanding, and often painful.

So it is reasonable to try and make it as comfortable as possible, and in that sense, clothing plays an important role. Sara Blakely was at the very heart of growing this impressive lycra fuelled clothing range.

In addition to tired muscles, short breathing, and sweat covered body, there is no need to add discomfort.

Clothing has a lot to say about how you feel before, during, and after working out.

The workout clothes

Clothing for training has three main functions, allowing generated heat to dissipate quickly, controlling the production of sweat and allowing free movement.

 – To breath or not to breath

The first two functions are intimately related, and good quality clothing is designed to fulfil them in one of two ways: absorbing sweat or removing it from the skin.

The term “fabrics that breathe” has become popular, it refers to a series of fabrics, made with a synthetic blend of fibres, which separate the sweat from the skin by taking it outside to evaporate quickly, keeping the skin always fresh and dry.

On the other hand, natural fibres, like cotton, absorb sweat like a sponge, leaving a sensation of wet weight on you that is uncomfortable, and also prevents a free flow of movement.

And then there are fabrics based on rubber or plastic that should be avoided at all costs because they do not allow skin breathing, so sweat and heat accumulate to levels that can be dangerous.

 – To fit or not to fit

Exercise implies movement, a lot of movement, and it is fundamental that all this activity can be done without restrictions or discomfort.

The choice of clothing depends a lot on the type of exercise you want to do.

If it is biking, for example, you want clothes that fit your body to reduce air resistance and to prevent the pant leg from getting tangled on pedals or chains.

If it is martial arts, it is preferable to wear loose pants on the leg to facilitate the full range of movement and the sudden changes of angles and extensions characteristic of them.

If it is yoga, you need clothes made with elastic and soft fabrics that breathe well.

In general, the clothes should not interfere with the movement; you should feel comfortable, you should feel as if you did not have them on.

 – To adapt or not to adapt

Not every day is the same, the days change throughout the year according to the seasons, unless you live in a tropical climate, where changes are limited to the variation in the amount of sky falling water.

But if you experience changes of seasons and pronounced temperatures, then you must adapt your workout clothes accordingly.

During hot seasons, summer and early fall, choose clothes that breath to eliminate sweat and allow free movement.

During those days it is essential to feel comfortable and fresh.

Cold days are more complicated, and you have to dress smartly.

Get dressed with an inner layer that allows your skin to breathe and stay dry; the outer layer must be insulating to protect you from the cold.

Keep in mind that your body will produce a lot of heat while working out so get ready to discard layers as you need it.

On rainy or windy days, wear an outer protective layer because no one can move very well when soaked wet.

To summarise, remember that when you exercise you will produce a lot of body heat and sweat, so you need your clothes to have the capacity to solve these problems.

Always stay comfortable according to weather conditions and never wear something that restricts your movements.

Women’s leggings that breathe

Leggings are not different from the rest of the pieces of clothing we have considered so far, for them, the same general principles apply.

There are many designs and models, but there are certain features that a good pair of leggings should meet.

The high-waist compression leggings are the best for almost all sports activities because of their fitting performance and ability to remain anchored at the waist.

Remember that you must choose leggings that “breathe,” that way you can use them during hot days or under the insulating layer in cold weather.

Look for those made with a mixture of polyester and spandex so that they remain tight to the body during movement, without restricting it.

Look for those that offer you interesting extra details.womens gym tights drawstring comfortable

Some of them have small pockets on the waist to store keys or cards.

Others offer side pockets for the phone or reflective bands for the night.

There are also some with adjustable waists.

All these details are represented in this Black Fkn Bootyfit Gym Track Pant.

Avoid leggings that bunch up around the knees or ankles; if the waist slides towards the hips when you do some squats then they are too big; the seams should not disturb any part of the body which would be a sign that they are too small.

If the activity you do is of great intensity, such as running or kickboxing, it would be good to use compression leggings to improve circulation and keep your muscles compact and supported.

For yoga you need great flexibility in your leggings and also that they do not become translucent when you stretch your butt in the air, they need to stay in position while you perform those extreme positions, and that the waist does not bother when lying on your belly.

However, it is not a good idea to use compression types in this type of activity.

Climbing, hiking, lifting, are activities in which loose and comfortable leggings are better as long as they are not baggy.

Use light colours by day and clothes with reflective bands at night; use black leggies only when you’re indoors, like this excellent Lift Gear option.

Another important factor is how smelly they can become.

Cotton fabrics are not very good “breathing,” but they disguise odours quite well.

Instead, the smell of accumulated sweat can be stinging on fabrics such as spandex.

A well-fitting pair of leggings does not need to be adjusted continuously by lifting them here or pulling them there.

If you have to do this, then you are not choosing the right leggings.

While you are trying them on in the store, make some movements representative of the activity you plan to do and see how they respond.

Like a “fire and forget” missile, a couple of well-chosen leggings should feel like “put on and forget.”

You do not need to be thinking about clothes when you are training; all your attention should be on what you do, not what you are wearing.

best womens gym leggings line australia fknAnd last, but not least, there is the look issue.

Who said you could not exercise and look good at the same time?

Leggings are a great way to work comfortably and at the same time show the world everything your hard work has done for your legs.

Today there are leggings with cute and attractive designs that will make you feel very good while you sweat and tone your body.

When you are in the store buying them look in the mirror to determine if they fit you and are the ones you need, but also look at how you look with them on.

Why not?

There is no harm in being fit and looking good.

In fact, the two things go together.

We have, in preparing this information, used our best endeavours to ensure that the information contained herein is true and accurate, but accept no responsibility and disclaim all liability in respect of any errors, inaccuracies or misstatements contained herein. Information guide only and any other further information should be considered by a professional.